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Awards & Scholarships

Jun. 2024

Congratulations to Hanna Hamoud-Michel, Pakshid Hosseinzadeh, Melanie Rodger, Francesco Touani Kameni, and Élisabeth Poirier for their awards from CÉCRCHUM and to Aude Gigodot for for her scholarship from ÉTS.


Jun. 2024

Congratulations to three high school and Cégep students who completed a research project through the InitiaSciences Program on 3D-Printed Microfluidic Chips for Microbead Generation.

World Biomaterials Congress 2024

May 2024

Check us out at the World Biomaterials Congress Daegu, South Korea where Baptiste Marin and Sydney Wheatley presented their work!

Concours de Vulgarisation


Mar. 2024

Congratulations to Amin Zohourfazeli for winning third place at the "Concours de Vulgarisation" at ÉTS and for his presentation at CSME 2024 titled "Development of an on-demand foaming printhead for fabricating heterogeneous porous constructs."

CSME Gold Medal Award

Nov. 2023

A huge congratulations to our very own, Sara Badr, for being this year's CSME Gold Medal Award recipient for her master's work titled ''Development of a Mist-Based Hydrogel Crosslinking Technique for Coaxial Bioprinting of Hollow Fibers.'

15th Annual Thécell Day

Nov. 2023

Check us out at the Thécell conference in Sherbrooke, QC. Our presenters Baptiste (oral), Francesco (poster), Aude (oral) were fantastic as they shared their work about cellular therapies! 

École de Technologie Supérieure Convocation

Nov. 2023

The end of an era... We are so proud of Werner, Elias, and Sara for their graduation from the M.A.Sc degree at École de technologie supérieure. Onto the next adventure for these three, all the best!

Board of Directors Award of Excellence

Oct. 2023

Hip, hip, hooray!
Elias has been awarded the Board of Directors Award of Excellence for Master's Students with Thesis for all of his incredible work. This deserving recognition is for his thesis titled 'The Use of Mechanical Foaming for Development of Bioinks and Bioprinting Techniques.'

24th Annual Student, Intern and Resident Congres of CHUM

Oct. 2023

Way to go Claire for her poster presentation titled 'Fabrication of a Device for the In Situ Culture of Microorganisms in the Gastrointestinal Tract,' and for her Award of Excellence for this presentation!

MICROTAS 2023 International Conference

Oct. 2023

Congratulations to Sydney for her poster presentation in Poland at the MicroTAS conference. She was awarded the CHEMINAS Young Researcher Poster Award for her presentation titled 'Growing the Unknown: Investigation into a New Approach for In Situ Microbial Growth.'

International Conference on Biofabrication

Sept. 2023

Congratulations to Sara for her oral presentation in Saskatoon Canada at the Biofabrication. Her talk was titled 'Development of a Mist-Based Hydrogel Crosslinking Technique for Coaxial Bioprinting of Hollow Fibers.'

Elias' Defense

Aug. 2023

Congratulations to Elias for making the BBF Lab proud in his successful Master's defense! We wish you the best of luck with your new position at Boston Scientific.

Canadian Biomaterial Society Congress

Jun. 2023

Check us out at the Canadian Biomaterials Society Conference in Halifax, NS. Our presenters Francesco (oral and poster), Baptiste (oral), Sydney (oral), Elias (oral) were fantastic. A huge congratulations to Francesco for placing second in the poster competition!


Apr. 2023

Baptiste placed third for a popularized version of his research titled Biomaterials for Treating Cancer in a SciencePOP competition at the CRCHUM.

Sara's Defense

Apr. 2023

Congratulations to Sara for her defense which was a huge success! We are so lucky to have her around in the lab for a few more years as she starts her PhD this fall :)

CREATE Workshop

Jan. 2023

Aude and Pakshid attended the CREATE workshop in Ottawa presented by Dr. Stephanie Willerth.

Pan-Canadian  Innovation Think Tank
Certification Program

Sept. 2022

Congratulations to Elias and his team for placing first in the Pan-Canadian Innovation Think Tank Certification Program at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM)

International Conference on Biofabrication

Sept. 2022

Congratulations to Elias for his oral presentation on foam-based bioprinting at the International Conference on Biofabrication.
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