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Strong and Tissue -Adhesive Hydrogels

Hydrogels are generally weak and poorly

adhesive. We create thermosensitive  IPN and catechol-modified hydrogels based on natural polymers to create resistant and adhesive injectable scaffolds for cell therapy, tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting

Cell Therapy Products

Mesenchymal stromal cells present a huge potential for tissue repair and regeneration. We develop scaffolds based on natural polymers and methods to enhance their viability and retention at the target site, in macroscopic and microscopic (microbead) format

Immune Cell Growth and Delivery Scaffold

This original approach allows local immunotherapy with T lymphocytes or other immune cells to fight cancer with better efficacy and reduce side effects.

Embolizing Agents for Blood Vessels

We develop and characterize injectable radiopaque embolic agents for occluding undesirable blood flow. Characterization includes rheology, injectability and bench testing in phantoms, as well as in vivo testing in animal models.

Designing, Characterizing and Assessing Biomaterials, Implants and Tissues

 Our multidisciplinary expertise and equipment allows to characterize mechanical properties and biocompatibility of biomaterials and implants, from in vitro to in vivo in animal models (see the complete list of equipment in section…)

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